Capitalizing On A Milestone Event

So now you’ve got your press kits out there and have captured the attention of reporters, producers, journalists and key industry peers. What now? What have you accomplished? Now begin to craft ideas for the variety of outlets to secure unique placements.  Here are a few ways we capitalized on the 20th Anniversary of The SignatureRead More »

Taking Advantage Of A Milestone Event

The Signature Room at the 95th celebrated its 20th anniversary in July. Milestone events give you an opportunity to reach out to the media and to remind your public what you’ve got to share. Lots of internal planning at The Signature Room went into the anniversary celebration and they created a 20th anniversary logo we’ll use throughout theRead More »

A Prince Is Born

Congratulations to the royal couple and their new addition! We join the world in watching and celebrating, but then, what’s a gal in PR to do when an event like this takes every ounce of media attention possible?  Sometimes you simply let it monopolize the media-sphere.  And with the right sense of humor or timing,Read More »

Fighting Ovarian Cancer With Animal Passion

The Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness Organization(OCSA) has been busy these last few months getting as much recognition as they can to promote their Veterinary Outreach Program. In April, Dr. Kristin Junkas of Wright Animal Hospital (an Iowa State University grad) joined OCSA executive director, Vallie Syzmanski, at a presentation for ISU veterinary students as partRead More »

Gardens, an Anniversary and the Signature Room

Check out The Signature Room at the 95th’s Garden to Gourmet Cooking Class profiled in Midwest Living! The famous Chicago restaurant entertained one of the publication’s writers last year who followed up with an article regarding the Garden to Gourmet cooking class. These classes have limited seating and are only available for two days. GuestsRead More »

Innovative ovarian cancer awareness campaign inspired by the human/animal bond

Each year, over 20,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and approximately 14,000 women die from the disease. There is an urgent need to share the silent symptoms so early detection and treatment are achieved, and lives are saved. To exponentially expand the number of individuals that can be reached, the OvarianRead More »

Let’s Talk Trash… Odor, That Is

Hampshire, IL-based BestAir, Inc. has been creating air quality products for homes since the early 60s. In 2012, they introduced Trash Dash, an innovative product that offers an innovative, new way to eliminate odors from kitchen trash cans and compactors, garbage receptacles – even diaper pails. Here’s a fun fact! Did you know that babiesRead More »

A trip to Dubai inspires the nation’s first shopping festival

I get ideas while traveling. Consider what I see and enjoy might translate in an event or story in my hometown of Chicago. When I traveled to Dubai with my Mom a few years ago, we arrived right after the Dubai Shopping Festival. If you’ve been there, you know that shopping malls take on aRead More »

Healthy Snacks Rock!

Americans love to snack! We snack in our homes, schools and offices.  We snack in movie theatres, in baseball stadiums, on airplanes and in our cars. With snacks growing more popular than ever, health conscious Americans are seeking healthy, delicious and simple snack options. Mediterranean Snacks introduces snacks that are on trend. We had theRead More »