Taking Advantage Of A Milestone Event

20th Anniversary Logo

The Signature Room at the 95th celebrated its 20th anniversary in July. Milestone events give you an opportunity to reach out to the media and to remind your public what you’ve got to share. Lots of internal planning at The Signature Room went into the anniversary celebration and they created a 20th anniversary logo we’ll use throughout the year.  In the coming posts, we’ll highlight some of the PR tactics and achievements we used to garner attention.

Do you have a milestone coming up?  There are several ways to take advantage of the opportunity and make a splash in the news.

Create a memorable press kit with original content and new news to capture the media’s attention. You’ll want to plan ahead for this, identifying key contacts and the message that you’ll want to share. Artists and publicists often collaborate to ensure packages are unique. You may also consider:

  1. Develop engaging promotions to market to new and existing clients/guests/customers.
  2. Determine the outlets that are right for your message. While The Signature Room is perfect for TV cooking demos, what can your experts demonstrate or share, visually, to a TV audience (think national, too).
  3. Take advantage of all ancillary opportunities such as gourmet dining event participation in your city or outside (think James Beard House in New York City).

Interested in hearing more about these tips? Look out for following posts with details describing exactly what we did to capitalize on The Signature Room’s 20th anniversary including TV clips, magazine articles and more!

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