Healthy Snacks Rock!

MediterraneanSnacks2Americans love to snack! We snack in our homes, schools and offices.  We snack in movie theatres, in baseball stadiums, on airplanes and in our cars. With snacks growing more popular than ever, health conscious Americans are seeking healthy, delicious and simple snack options.

Mediterranean Snacks introduces snacks that are on trend.
We had the pleasure of introducing the newest flavors of their Baked Lentil Chips and new Lentil Crackers that entice discerning palates to choose the low-fat crunchy snacks packed with nutritional value, good-for-you protein and fiber.

Through targeted trade show PR, an engaging press kit, recruiting influential guest bloggers, and hosting a social media twitter party, we achieved national coverage.  Over six months, we reached nearly 50 placements in trade, consumer and online media, including bloggers.

I turned many of my friends on to the various flavors of each of these snacks and enjoy them with dips including hummus and guacamole!

Who knew snacking could be tasty AND healthy?


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