Let’s Talk Trash… Odor, That Is

BestAirTrashGrouppsdHampshire, IL-based BestAir, Inc. has been creating air quality products for homes since the early 60s. In 2012, they introduced Trash Dash, an innovative product that offers an innovative, new way to eliminate odors from kitchen trash cans and compactors, garbage receptacles – even diaper pails.

Here’s a fun fact!
Did you know that babies produce an average of six wet diapers per day, one dirty diaper every 2.5 days, and there’s at least one “oops” changed without the need diaper once a day each month. The grand total adds up to 4,700 stinky diapers in the first 730 days.  Trash Dash helps keep even those odors under control.

The product hit store shelves in August and September, the two highest birth months of the year.  So how did we introduce it?  We noted that fact and “welcomed a new member to the BestAir family.”  With the design expertise of  Yeah Design Works’ Steve Zweiback, we created a press kit that resembled a baby announcement.  Inside the two products were swaddled in a cozy little blanket adorned with a ribbon that said
“A Welcome Addition 2012.”  We shipped this to mommy bloggers, trades and consumer publications and some of those clips are posted today. It comes in two fresh scents: Citrus Burst and Lavender Vanilla.

How does it work?
Simply shake Trash Dash’s odor absorbing powder two or three times daily into any trash bag to neutralize smells and add a fresh scent to trash receptacles or recycling containers in between pick-ups. Trash Dash absorbs the odors that might otherwise attract pesky critters to containers set outdoors for trash removal.

You’ll find this gem on WalMart shelves across the nation in the garbage bag aisles, and also online at www.trash-dash.com.


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