Innovative ovarian cancer awareness campaign inspired by the human/animal bond

OCSALogoVertWebResEach year, over 20,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and approximately 14,000 women die from the disease. There is an urgent need to share the silent symptoms so early detection and treatment are achieved, and lives are saved. To exponentially expand the number of individuals that can be reached, the Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness Organization (OCSA) has created the first-ever ovarian cancer awareness program that partners with veterinary professionals in Illinois this month. The Veterinary Outreach Program (VOP) launches with the Gateway Veterinary Clinic in St. Charles on January 25th.

Why veterinarians?
According to Peter Weber, executive director of the ISVMA, association, members report that pet owners talking about their pet’s health often feel comfortable talking about their own health concerns.  Supplied with knowledge surrounding the silent symptoms of ovarian cancer, VOP members can exponentially increase the number of individuals receiving the message, and help to save lives.

Leaders from the veterinary, public health and medical oncology disciplines have all joined in the fight, seeking to save lives through awareness first, early detection and treatment. The VOP will inform urban and rural veterinarians, veterinary clinicians, and veterinary discipline students about ovarian cancer and its silent symptoms including bloating, pelvic pain, difficulty eating and frequent or urgent urination.  Watch for developments!

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