A Prince Is Born

Royal Baby

AP Photo/John Stillwell

Congratulations to the royal couple and their new addition! We join the world in watching and celebrating, but then, what’s a gal in PR to do when an event like this takes every ounce of media attention possible?  Sometimes you simply let it monopolize the media-sphere.  And with the right sense of humor or timing, you might event be able to build upon the news.

What better way to celebrate than a cocktail or mocktail?  Quick mixologists will no doubt have beverages fit for royals soon. Retailers may offer up a royal baby shopping list. Which of your products is perfect for a prince? Only the best for the future king! Baby fever, regardless of the child’s title or lack thereof, doesn’t thrive only in London, you know.

Hook onto the news captivating the world. Or simply enjoy this story and BE the story next time.

Kate holding baby

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